Dear friends,

As you may have seen or heard, our Island has been struck by a catastrophic category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Irma has done horrific damage to St. Maarten, our marina and boats. We are deeply saddened by the damage caused, but also extremely grateful that our loved ones are all safe. 

But, now comes a tough time. 4 of our boats: have sustained serious structural and accessory damage.

The boats require new engine parts, fiberglass jobs for the chunks of the hull that were removed, new accessories, etc. We cannot tell exactly how much this will cost because yet we haven’t made a full assessment. All we know is that this will easily cost 200-250 thousand dollars. This is why we ask you to help us in any way possible, so that we can get back on our feet as soon as possible. We'd be so grateful if you could send your love, or appreciation for any wonderful memories made with us, in the form of relief funds.


UPDATE:  20th 2017: Good news: We were able to get 3 of our boats up and we are ready for some business :)  The other 4 boats need more time.. but we will get there




Thank you so much,


Captain Alan's Boat Charters